Starting our first store with humble beginnings back in 2020, with the robust success of the DBS brand, we now have four stores
in a period of one year, with a rapid and aggressive expansion programme.

Growing up in the UK we had experienced a divide between who could enjoy and have access to flavoursome food from the multi- national operators, this was mainly subjected to Muslims, who had special dietary requirements.

The lack of availability caused our founding members to have a vision to fill this void in the market. We love food.
Through getting inspiration from these multi-national companies, by watching Adam Richman and his quest to find the best food across the USA and by compiling and experimenting with tons of food at home, we created DaMac Burgers and Shakes.

Our ethos is that we take pride in giving our customer fresh quality ingredients as opposed to providing cheaper low-quality alternatives. Ingredients are key, do you really know what’s in your food? We know what’s in ours.
All our meat is 100% Halal (HMC certified), from 100% Grass-Fed Beef to 100% Chicken Breast. Our signature sauces are exclusively supplied.

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